White Chiffon Drape 4 x 4m


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Chic color gradient design, catch your eyes at first sight. Curtains decorate your windows with rich color tones, just get inspired from natural sunset and sunrise, curtains hang like the dawn and dusk sky.  Fabric 10-20% light blocking, smartly invites light to your room, while still not see-through from outside, breezy and cozy. Suitable for most standard curtain rods. 

Create a soft and elegant appearance at your party, event, or wedding by using sheer Chiffon Drape. Its sheer, slightly see-through appearance can soften the look of your event space and add a touch of class and sophistication. Dress up boring walls, create magical backdrops or stunning entrance-ways with perfectly gathered Chiffon Draping. Complement your events’ color scheme or theme by utilizing a specific Chiffon drape color or with the addition of mood lighting.

  • Item Name: Drape
  • Material: Chiffon
  • Dimension: 4m x 4m

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