VMB TE-74 Towerlift 5.35m 250kg




The telescopic lift TE-074 offers high performance in accordance with the high standards of VMB. It consists of four large steel profiles, with high resistant, anti-torsion steel cable and guided through reinforced pulleys. It is finished with epoxy powder paint. It is capable of lifting 250kg to a maximum height of 5.35m. Can be used both indoors and outdoors, such as in shows, concerts, orchestras, discos, etc.

It has 4 stabilizers, perfect for difficult terrains with a certain slope. An RH-1 transport kit can be installed, to be able to transport the lifter in vans, trucks, etc. With the lifting tower lying horizontally. Safety is the strong point of VMB, thanks to our patented ALS locks, with high-strength steels, which make it impossible for the lifter to collapse in the unlikely event of cable breaking. A wide range of accessories is available.


  • Item Name: Towerlift

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