Tri Truss Lycra Sock Black/White 3m




These Tri Truss Lycra Sock provide the perfect coverage for your truss set-ups and are available in a variety of versions. The lycra gives a clean look, ideal for wedding and marquee environments. When utilizing the white sleeves, why not add a slimline style par can or light effect within the base area of your truss, illuminating it from within. The side velcro strip allows for easy installation onto your truss, saving time on set up.

Tri Truss Lycra Sock made with heavy-duty wrinkle-free spandex fabric and available as pull-over truss covers or hook and loop truss covers, Stretchy Screens’ high-quality truss covers—or truss socks—are easy to install, fit like a glove, and hold up to repeated use. It’s an excellent way to pull each element of your stage or set up together for a vibrant and cohesive look that directs the viewer’s eye.


  • Item Name: Sock
  • Material:  Lycra
  • Color: White/Black