Tri Truss 90° corner Apex In Silver/Black




The Tri Truss 90° corner Apex is a Tri or Triangular profile truss it is a popular choice for lighting and decorative applications. The Tri Truss 90° corner Apex is often referred to as a multipurpose truss because of its low volume and versatile design making it suitable for installation, low-intensity rental (Indoor), and exhibition markets. Thanks to the innovative conical coupling system the 90Tri truss is fast and easy to assemble.

Tri Truss 90° corner Apex is available in multiple lengths, a range of corners, a range of mounting and adapter accessories, and base plates. This style of 290mm trussing is also available in Box/square and flat/ladder profiles. 290mm tri truss corner, 90 degrees 3 way with apex down. Each corner side occupies 0.5m. This corner typically used for free-standing tri truss structures, connecting legs to horizontal trussing.


  • Item Name: Tri Truss
  • 90deg corner Silver/Black Truss
  • Made from 6082-T6 alloy aluminum