Shure Beta 57 Microphone


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Shure Beta 57 Microphone

The Shure Beta57 is a supercardioid microphone best used for drums, bass, guitar amplifiers, woodwinds, and vocals. It’s a premium instrument mic ideally suited for the professional musician looking to mic up many types of amplified and acoustic instruments such as guitar amps, acoustic guitar, saxophone, snare drum, and brass. It can also be used by vocal artists. The Beta 57A has the quality and ruggedness to be used both on stage and in the studio.

It has a tailored frequency response that provides warmth and presence and maintains a true supercardioid pattern throughout its frequency range. This insures high gain-before-feedback, maximum isolation from other sound sources, and minimum off-axis tone coloration. The hardened steel mesh grille facilitates the use of proximity effect as well as resisting wear and abuse. The Beta range takes the best-selling SM range a step further. The Shure Beta 57A is an exceptional microphone for capturing instruments (guitar, drums, horns, etc), and is an equally great vocal mic for live and studio scenarios. The Shure Beta 57A’s warm mid-range response is just one reason for its excellent versatility.

This pickup style maintains its pattern across the breadth of its frequency range. This leads to superior isolation from other ambient sources, reduced off-axis tonal coloration, and high gain before feedback. An intuitive pneumatic shock mount system minimizes unwanted vibration and mechanical noise. This bundle includes a Shure SM57 Beta microphone, a sturdy Tourtech mic stand, and an SMC6 XLR cable. You’ve got everything that’s required to get practicing and performing right away!


  • Minimally effected by varying load impedance
  • Neodymium magnet for high signal–to–noise ratio output
  • Hardened steel mesh grille that facilitates the use of proximity effect and resists wear and abuse
  • Tailored frequency response provides drums, guitars, vocals, and horns with studio-quality sound
  • Uniform supercardioid pattern for high gain-before-feedback and superior rejection of off-axis sound
  • Advanced pneumatic shock mount system that minimizes the transmission of mechanical noise and vibration

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