ShowPro Quad18 LED Wash


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ShowPro Quad18 LED Wash

Consisting of 18 QUAD-COLOUR RGBW- 8Watt LEDs this fixture can cover a large range of the color spectrum including quality pastels, whites warm, and cool. With a total of 144Watts of LED power, this new unit has more than enough output to suit even the fussiest of production managers. Beamwidth is ideal, at 25degree, with control available via DMX, Static color, or Auto modes. Versatility and flexibility of use with this unit are assured. Made of robust molded aluminum, these new ‘PARS’ are stronger and longer-lasting than the previous PAR64 / 56 type variants.

The compact and durable Pro-Quad 18 is powered by 18 quad-colored RGBA LEDs. Any variation of white or stunning saturated colors can be produced due to the amber LEDs for an expansive palette devoid of multi-colored shadows. The split-yoke bracket eliminates the need for floor stands and power linking with locking  power in and out and 3- and 5-pin DMX connectors simplify connections and setup. Color dash Par-Quad 18 also includes a gel frame holder and gel frame.


  • 4, 6 or 10 DMX channels
  • Silent flicker-free operation
  • Lightweight, easy to install
  • Metal construction for added durability

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