ShowPro Dreamfest 45m DMX Processor



Based on the Gold Coast, Dreamweavers Event Creators & Producers provide full service event production and are known for their creative genius.

Recently Dreamweavers invested in a ShowPro Dreamfest outdoor-rated RGB LED festoon lighting system with dedicated controller / DMX interface … because who doesn’t love a string of festoon lighting?

“Festoon has been the go to item for many outdoor events over the years,” commented Sam Pomana, General Manager, Dreamweavers Technical. “We looked to Dreamfest’s LED festoon for these main reasons: power draw, IP rating, colour temperature and control and it has delivered in all of these areas. Although the product is fairly new with us and we haven’t had a great opportunity to put it through its paces, we look forward to getting creative with this product moving forward.”

ShowPro’s Dreamfest is IP65 rated and comes in a 15-metre strand with 20 bulbs at 75cm spacing. The 3-channel individually controllable full-colour RGB bulbs are low voltage. Connect up to three strands per driver.