Shot Bag 10kg


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10KG Heavy Weight Shot bags are ideal for weighting or stabilizing objects that are wind-affected or inherently unstable -lighting stands, sound equipment, banner stands, umbrellas, tents/marquees, signage, and a million other jobs. The shotbags are filled with small pieces of metal which create their flexible properties. The bag is constructed from a tough, fire retardant PVC fabric. Standard color stocked in black, but can be manufactured in many different color combinations.

Each weight is fitted with a webbing strap handle, for ease of transport. Our premium quality weight bags are the best solution to anchor fragile or wind-prone objects to the ground. Place one on the lowest lateral component of your C-Stand or Light Stand to keep your lights and modifiers steady, or place them on the feet of a cafe barrier to prevent unwanted wind interference – whatever it is, enough shot bags will hold down anything.


  • Item Name: Shot Bag