Sennheiser e904 Microphone


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Sennheiser e904 Microphone

The cardioid e904 is a dynamic instrument microphone specifically designed for drum applications. Featuring a very short body with integrated stand mount and a universal rim clip, the e 904 provides great sound without getting in the way in even the most crowded setups. The Sennheiser e904 features a totally fast attack, small body ideal for mounting on graves and snow drums. Robust reinforced metal housing. Full, impressive, and lively sound for drums and percussion. An excellent sound profile adapts to all percussive styles.

The Sennheiser E904 is a cardioid instrument microphone primarily designed to reproduce drums and percussion instruments with incredible richness and detail. The E904 features a dynamic element with a cardioid polar pattern that reduces the off-axis signal and residual noise. The E904 provides high headroom and low distortion when capturing signals at excessive sound pressure levels. The element responds to very fast attacks with extreme accuracy, without distortion. The E904 is an excellent choice for capturing snare drums, toms, congas, and more.

The E904 is capable of withstanding high sound pressure levels and fast attacks are reproduced accurately without distortion. The cardioid polar pattern is effective in minimizing off-axis audio and residual noise that may cause feedback. It has a compact body design perfect for the tight spaces confronted in miking drum kits. It has an excellent response to the fast attack, high SPL capability, and a frequency range of 40Hz-18kHz. Its rugged build and shock mount capsule suit it to drum applications. Includes drum clamp for mounting.


  • Full, impressive, lively sound for drums and percussion
  • Excellent sound profiling adapts to all percussive styles
  • Compact body ideal for mounting on toms and snares
  • Robust reinforced metal casing

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