Sennheiser E902 Microphone


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Sennheiser E902 Microphone

The e902 was specially designed for the low sound spectrum and convinces with the firm, clearly defined bass sounds with a tight punch. The strongly contoured frequency response features a pronounced damping of the mid-range and an accentuated emphasis of the high-end and bass. Primarily designed for capturing kick drums and bass guitar cabinets, the Sennheiser E902 excels in reproducing low-frequency instruments with incredible richness and detail.

The E902 features a dynamic element with a cardioid polar pattern. The dynamic element provides high headroom and low distortion when capturing signals at excessive sound pressure levels. The E902 responds to very fast attacks with extreme accuracy, without distortion. Low-frequency response is optimized allowing the E902 to excel in reproducing kick drum, bass amplifiers, acoustic bass, tuba, timpani, and much more.

The low-frequency response is optimized for accurate reproduction of kick drum, bass guitar cabinets, acoustic bass, tuba, etc. The E902 is capable of withstanding high sound pressure levels and fast attacks are reproduced accurately without distortion. The cardioid polar pattern is effective in minimizing off-axis audio and residual noise that may cause feedback. The built-in hum compensation coil suppresses hum and low-frequency noise.


  • Frequency response optimized for kick drum
  • Very fast attack -Integrated stand mount
  • Hum compensating coil
  • Shock-mounted capsule
  • Robust metal body

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