Rama 1.2KW Fresnel


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Rama 1.2KW Fresnel

The Rama Fresnel’s adjustable cone of light (7º to 50º) has a soft edge with little light scatter, easily blended with adjacent beams to provide even illumination for general stage lighting applications, side, top and backlight angles. With a 7°-50° beam angle range and industry-standard 150mm / 6″ lens, the Rama 1200w Fresnel provides saturated stage color washes and dramatic highlighting options.

A soft-edged beam is the one required most often when lighting the stage – no need for frost filters to soften hard edges or to smooth out irregularities/hot spots in the beam. Shape the light by masking parts of the beam using the four-leaf barndoor accessory which mounts on the front and rotates around the axis. Tilt and focus scale is in real degrees allowing for accurate presenting. Simply slide the heat-insulated focus knob to the beam angle you require. Quick, easy, and convenient – a task achieved in seconds without the use of tools.

Unique posi-slide lamp/lens focus action and spring dampening design minimize sticking and vibration, maximizing lamp life. No metal to metal contact. A simple, precise, and economic means for pan pre-setting before flying the bar out saving labor and focus time costs. Effectively shape/mask the flood to medium spot beam using the four-flap barndoor accessory. Automatic mains power disconnection when the side swing-down door is unlatched for a lamp, cleaning, or maintenance access. Integral safety cable design ensures this important accessory is always to hand making it easy to comply with worldwide mandatory and standard practice rigging requirements.


  • Safe replacement of the lamp without altering the focus position.
  • Heat-insulated retention cover securely locks accessories in place.
  • Adjustable yoke balance point to achieve and ensure a stable mounting position.
  • Improved filter life through the increased airflow of the heat management system.
  • Large, heat-insulated rear grab handle assists with focusing; handy cable (1m/3ft) wrap for safe and tidy storage.

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