Radial JDI Passive D.I Box


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Radial JDI Passive D.I Box

The Radial JDI is a passive direct box designed to handle extreme signal levels without distortion of any kind. At the heart, the Radial JDI employs the world-class Jensen JT-DB-EPC audio transformer delivering a smooth, warm sounding Bessel curve, reminiscent of the finest vintage gear. Ruler flat from 10Hz to 40kHz and with virtually zero phase deviation, the JDI delivers the natural, pure sound of the instrument without artifact.

By its no-power passive design, the Radial JDI performs both high-to-low impedance conversion and signal balancing over a magnetic bridge that passes signals while rejecting stray DC voltage. This makes the JDI particularly adept at eliminating hum and buzz caused by ground loops. The plane ruler from 10 Hz to 40 kHz and with virtually zero phase deviation, the stereo JDI delivers the natural, pure sound of the instrument without Artifact.

In addition to converting the Hi-Z unbalanced signal to low, the transformers also serve to isolate the input from the output, essentially filtering out the DC voltage deviation that can cause noise and lead to its so-called Ground Loops. This allows audio to pass while eliminating problems. Features include input connectors and thru-put Plus one -15dB Pad input on each channel. This is complemented by a milled lift switch that raises pin-1 on the two XLR outputs to further reduce HUM and Buzz caused by Floor Loops.  Built rigid to handle abuse from Live Touring, The JDI employs an internal 14-gauge stereo steel beam frame and a unique book-end outer shell. 


  • Jensen Transformer equipped passive DI
  • Eliminates hum and buzz from ground loops
  • Virtually zero phase and harmonic distortion
  • Exceptional signal handling and noise rejection

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