Proshop LED Astroraggi



Proshop LED Astroraggi

There are few DJ lighting effects as popular as the ADJ Vertigo, and the Proshop LED Astroraggi takes this iconic instrument to a whole new level. For starters, the Proshop LED Astroraggi casts 32 tight beams of richly colored light that dance and strobe to the music, pulse, and spin with the rhythm, and generally pump up the energy of the show. Whether you’re a club DJ, a wedding DJ, or even a musician looking for a cool effect to add to the show, you can trust this tried-and-true classic. And because it’s loaded with hex-color LEDs, you’ll get clearer, crisper, more vibrant and saturated beams of light than ever from your Proshop LED Astroraggi fixture.

The Proshop LED Astroraggi may be a new take on one of ADJ’s most popular lighting effects of all time, but it truly brings something special to the table. Instead of individual colored LEDs or even tri-color LEDs, the Proshop LED Astroraggi sports two 12-watt hex-color LEDs, with red, green, blue, cyan, amber, and white filaments. The color possibilities are endless! And thanks to these hex-color LEDs you’ll not only get the most amazing range of color you’ve ever seen in an effect like this, but you’ll also experience a degree of clarity in each individual beam you never thought possible.


  • A classic ADJ lighting effect with futuristic LED technology onboard
  • Simple operation requires no DMX to get the most out of your fixture
  • Choose from 60 sound-activated programs to instantly create complex-looking light shows
  • Frequency control lets you fine-tune your effect
  • Daisy-chainable IEC connectors offer easy configuration flexibility