Performer Stage 750mm Stage Steps Set




Performer Stage 750mm Stage Steps Set

The Performer Stage 750mm Stage Steps Set allows for setting up in much smaller spaces than our larger stage sets. From a corner of the hall to outdoors on sports day, they allow you to be creative with your available space and give every person a chance to ‘step up’. A decorative paper is first saturated with melamine resin and is then pressed onto the core material, which is either Chipboard or MDF Medium Density Fibreboard.

This then can be used in many applications including furniture, shopfitting, caravans. Remodeling a deck to suit your lifestyle is a great way of bringing new life to your home. The old deck shown in this article adjoined a bedroom and had steps leading off a narrow walkway. The steps were in the wrong place when a new cooking area was added to the existing deck. New steps were added to make access easier and the former step area was turned into a sitting area for two, just off the master bedroom. A small, half-hexagon-shaped deck extension provided a great place for early morning coffee or evening relaxing.


  • Item Name: Stage Step
  • Dimensions: 750mm
  • Frame: Silver