Performer Stage 330/450/900/1000/1100mm Rolling Leg




Rolling legs are sold as single or double units and can accommodate heights ranging from 12″ – 24″ high. Rolling legs are constructed from schedule 40 1 ¼” aluminum pipe, 4″ total lock casters, laser-cut steel plates, and gussets. Each rolling riser leg consists of a caster with a nipple and a different length leg pipe is sleeved over the nipple to create the desired height. Singles, consisting of one pipe and one caster are placed on the outside corners of the stage and the doubles, consisting of two pipes and one caster are used where two decks join together.

While rolling riser legs are not adjustable, kits are available and provide leg pipe in heights from 12″ – 24″ high to accommodate a variety of needs. For risers, over 24″ high we recommend the use of our rolling Wunderstructures to provide adequate support. 4in or 6in casters can be mounted on the underside of the stage decks to provide low-profile rolling stages.


  • Item Name: Rolling Leg
  • Dimension: Schedule 40 1 ¼” aluminum pipe