Mirrorball 12″ c/w Motor


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Turn your small gathering into a full-blown party using this Mirror Ball and Motor Bundle! A simple gathering becomes more festive and alive when you add party lighting to the scene. Shine a myriad of swirling tiny lights all over the dance floor and room, creating that magical feeling of timelessness. Mirror balls are also an essential piece of lighting equipment for DJ performances.

Recreate the disco days of the late 1970s with the 12″ Mirror Ball. Perfect for parties, this mirror disco ball incorporates a motor ring that rotates in continuous slow motion. Shine a light directly onto the ball to see a myriad of light spots spinning around on your dance floor. If you are looking for a mirror ball package that you can set on a table or desk, then the MB-12 is for you. The included M-DC BASE motor allows you to place the mirror ball on the ground/table, rather than up in the rafters.

The 12″ mirror ball that is included has dozens of reflective panels that will shine that classic mirror ball effect upon the dance floor. Mount it to your overhead lighting truss and shine multicolored pin spotlights on it to keep everyone dancing to your music! The ball is covered with 10mm square real glass mirrors, which reflect light in all directions.


  • Item Name: Mirror Ball