Martin Magnum 650 Smoke Machine


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The Magnum 650 offers the perfect boost of dense white fog to enhance every light effect. The fast heat-up time and extended operational period place the Magnum 650 as the clear leader in its class. Its fast heat-up time and extended operational period make the Magnum 650 a popular machine. Supplied with remote control and fitted with the same high quality protection as models from our professional range, the 650 will give many years of maintenance-free operation.

The Magnum 650 must be used with either Jem’s Smoke Super (ZR mix) or DJ Mix Fluids. This small yet crucial component is the last line of defense against catastrophic failure. This machine’s DTPD is made from a solid ceramic composite. This guarantees extremely precise overheat monitoring and is unaffected by ambient temperature changes.

The removable container makes for quicker refills and protects the machine from damage through spillage in transit. For high-efficiency performance, only the purest grade LM24 aluminum is used in the production process which eliminates the risk of porosity (pockets of gas within the casting which can cause heater failure). All heat exchangers contain cuprous helicoils of at least 2.8 meters in length, ensuring a flow of pure, dry, white smoke.


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230 V, 50 Hz: 620 W, 2.7 A