Martin MAC 700 Profile


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The MAC 700 Profile is a compact, powerful fixture with an output and optical precision beyond its peers. It combines a full CMY color mixing system with an 8-position color wheel and a patented gobo animation system for subtle or dramatic effects. It also features rotating gobos, fixed gobos, iris, zoom system, and rotating prism.

When looking at the MAC 700 Profile you might find it hard to fully comprehend just how Martin has placed so many features and so much power into a sleek moving head this compact and light. But a compact, light, fixture with power and optical precision beyond its peers is exactly what Martin set out to achieve in the MAC 700 Profile.

Fully equipped with all the industry-standard Martin features, the MAC 700 Profile also combines a full CMY color mixing system supplemented with an 8 position color wheel and a gobo animation system for dramatic projection effects. A 700 Watt, double-ended lamp works together with a tremendously efficient reflector to punch out more light than you are used to seeing in a fixture this compact.


  • Item Name: Spotlight


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