Martin MAC 250 Entour


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The MAC 250 Entour is a brilliant, feature-rich profile with two gobo wheels, a color wheel, dimmer, shutter, prism, and focus. Superior optics and an extremely user-friendly construction make it ideal for the rigors of today’s rental market.  The MAC 250 Entour includes all the features of the MAC 250 Krypton plus a number of added features, including a new achromatic lens system and an additional gobo wheel. The enhanced optical system produces unsurpassed quality imaging, which together with the added array of graphical effects, makes the Entour an even more powerful lighting tool.

It features a specially designed dimming system for exceptionally smooth and even dimming. By achieving new standards in light output and image quality, the Entour is ideal for environments where powerful effects are required like the stage, studio, and event applications, permanent installations, and much more.

In the MAC 250 Entour, a new 17-degree achromatic lens system produces razor-sharp picture quality. A narrow-angle 14-degree lens is also included with the Entour for longer projection throws. A full range dimmer/shutter is very fast and allows for smooth color and effect transitions through easy variation of the light intensity. Strobe effects are possible up to 20 Hz.


  • Item Name: Spotlight

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