MagicFX Stadium Shot II Confetti Cannon




Very powerful compressed air cannon to shoot confetti or streamers in stadiums or open-air festivals. Massive output in one shot! The tank must be filled by an air compressor (8bar). The MAGIC FX Stadium Shot II is a confetti shooting system that has been specially developed for shooting confetti or streamers in a stadium or at another outdoor location, the most powerful confetti/streamer cannons available.

Stadium Shots are designed for that trophy lifting moment and are quite simply the most powerful confetti/streamer cannons available. As the largest confetti cannon available, the Stadium Shots give an unrivaled hit of confetti or streamers and as the name implies are designed for use in the largest of venues, arenas, and stadiums. You really have to see these beasts in action to appreciate them, but to us, there’s no better effect for the big occasion.


  • Item Name: Confetti Cannon