MagicFX Sparxtar Spark Machine


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MagicFX Sparxtar Spark Machine

The SPARXTAR (pronounced as SPARK-STAR) is the perfect and safe alternative for real fireworks fountains! The SPARXTAR blows special metal powder (kind of titanium granulate) which creates cold sparks. It looks exactly like real fireworks. The big advantage is that it is not fireworks and no license or expensive insurance is needed.

Long-awaited and in our opinion worth the wait. The MagicFX SparXtar has been 3 years in development to ensure its a quality, reliable, and safe cool spark fountain system. The SparXtar is DMX controlled Adjustable height (2-5 m), has Sparxtar flash option is tiltable from -45 up to +45 degrees, and has capacity for 10 minutes of full effect.

The SparXtar uses SparXtar powder to produce the gerb or fountian type effect. The SparXtar powder comes in 100g packets. The machine can hold enough power to run for 10 minutes and only uses 10g per minute without the need for a card system to bank time onto the machines like other systems.


  • Adjustable height 2-5m
  • Create Spark flash
  • DMX Controllable height and density
  • Capacity for 10 minutes of the full effect
  • Very fast, no delay on cue Low noise


  • DMX on board
  • DMX Safety channel
  • Powder cleaning program

Additional information

Weight 11.7 kg
Dimensions 30 × 31.8 × 24.3 cm