MagicFX Handheld Streamer Canon 80cm


The Magic FX Handheld Streamer Cannon 80cm is the perfect way to have streamer effects for your next event. Powered by a pressurised cartridge, with a simple twist the streamers get fires into the air with a range up to 12 metres and then floats down towards the crowd.   Comes in various colours.

Please note this is a single use consumable item.

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MagicFX Handheld Streamer Cannon 80cm

Are you searching for an easy to use eyecatcher for your next party ?! Than you need to get one of MagicFX Handheld Streamer Cannon 80cm! These compressed-air, handheld confetti cannons are perfect for big parties and celebrations! To operate, simply hold with both hands and twist the base of the unit to blast confetti into the air! These large confetti cannons are non-pyrotechnic; instead, they use compressed air to fire the confetti, which means no smoke or hot tubes after they are used!

The Magic FX electric cannon is a single-use cannon, prefilled with confetti or streamers. To fire an electric cannon, the Magic FX Powershot or Showtec FX Shot (60908) is required. The bottom part of the cannon contains a pressurized nitrogen cartridge for a powerful effect.  Given the resistance to ignition, the use of these products in sensible amounts can be regarded as fire safe. This is based on the experience of TNO and Flame Guard b.v.


  • Easy to handle
  • One-way-system
  • Fire-resistant certificate
  • Usable outdoor and indoor
  • Filled with hardly inflammable confetti

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Gold, Multicolour, Silver, White