MagicFX Effectivator 4 Control




Control MK1 products like the POWER SHOT I and CO2 JET I with the MAGICFX® EFFECT’IVATOR 4. This 4-channel controller is equipped with a keyswitch and 4 FIRE buttons to shoot FX. This controller is also equipped with 4 ON-OFF switches to switch ON machines that need to be activated for a longer duration such as STAGEBLOWERS or STAGE FANS.

The MagicFX Effect’Ivator 4 is a 4 channel 230V ON/OFF special effects controller to control all kind of effects machines which must be activated by 230V. The Effect’Ivator is equipped with a ‘Flash’ FIRE button for firing effects such as Power Shots, Stadium Shots, Power Drops, and CO2 Jets. It is also fitted with an ‘ON’ switch to control effects machines that require electronic input for a longer duration such as Stage Fans.


  • Item Name: Effectivator