MagicFX DMX FX Switch Pack




This professional Switch Pack from MAGIC FX is specially designed for controlling special effects equipment via DMX. It is the first truly safe switch pack for FX and comes with built-in multiple safety features, including a dedicated DMX safety channel so effects connected to this switch pack can never start accidentally as sometimes happens with dimmer/switch packs. A device to safely switch ON/OFF 100-250Vac devices by DMX. The FX-Switch pack is safe because it is specially designed to control special fx.

The MAGICFX® DMX FX Switch Pack is a professional switch pack with built in relays and is perfect for switching and controlling your special effects using DMX.  The Switch Pack has many safety features making it ultra-reliable and safe to use as the effects connected will never start accidentally.  The Switch Pack also has 2 red warning LEDs.


  • Item Name: Switch pack

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