MagicFX CO2 Handheld Gun




The MAGIC FX CO2 Guns is a handheld gun that can blast white cryogenic fog plumes. An innovative and spectacular eye-catcher for DJs and dancers alike then Co2 Gun is a great alternative to fixed Co2 Jets as it requires no electrical power, making it a truly versatile effect for Festivals and Outdoor Events as well as for Night Clubs and touring DJ’s!
The CO2 Gun must be connected to a CO2 cylinder (liquid CO2) by using a flexible high-pressure CO2 hose. The MagicFX CO2 Gun is a handheld CO2 effect capable of creating CO2 Plumes up to 8m. The CO2 Gun is a favorite with DJs and performers alike with its easy-to-use trigger and second handle to make moving around stage firing easy. New features include its new stylish design, No-frost output pipe & trigger safety mechanism.
  • Item Name: Gun