MAC Tri Truss Adaptor 300 C-C Tri Truss




MAC Tri Truss Adaptor 300 C-C Tri Truss

The truss adapter plate is designed to mount onto Box or Tri truss, mounting can be vertical or horizontal depending on the application. This adapter mates perfectly with the AV TV brackets LCD-PLB-34L and LCD-PLB-33L, once assembled hanging TVs off the truss becomes a fast and straightforward job. This 290mm truss adapter plate will work with other TV brackets with slight modifications to the TV bracket (4 x drill holes 120mm apart), adapter plates are not only limited to mounting TV’s they have multiple applications that are safe and easy to be used with for further information get in touch with the VFM group team.

Easy to adjust the height of the TV plate, it has mounting height options so you can get the correct viewing height you are looking for; black tempered glass adds an added touch to your home theater system while providing security and stability when mounting your devices.  This one-piece TV stand comes with easy-to-use instructions and all necessary accessories for quick and easy installation in 10 minutes; unnecessary put holes in the wall to mount and move comfortably to fit where needed.


  • Truss Adapter for MAC
  • Move comfortably to fit where needed