LSC Maxim 36/72 c/w PatPad



The maXim lighting consoles introduce a new paradigm in the programming and operation of lighting shows. It is the perfect balance between ease of use, powerful features. The maXim series of consoles has been designed to satisfy the more demanding operator. The PaTPad moving light controller further extends the capabilities of the maXim console with features such as Palettes, Groups, Presets, and an Effects Engine.

Electronic labeling function for naming Scene, Chase, Stack, and steps of Stacks. Stack playback master and effects buttons for full control of sequences. Up to 500 steps of a Stack can be recorded with true dripless cross-fade. Each step of a Stack can be recorded as a Scene, Chase, Channel, or a Snapshot of the output.

Individual In (Up) and Out (Down) fade times, programmable for every Scene and step of a Stack. Up to 250 steps of a Chase can be recorded as Channels, Scenes, or a Snapshot of the output. Scenes and Chases can be run concurrently on the lower bank of preset faders. Flash level control, with associated Add or Solo mode button. Page freeze retains active output when pages or modes are changed. User prompts appear on the display and active buttons flash to make operations simple.


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