K&M Straight Mic Stand


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The König & Meyer is a mic stand that’s built with stability in mind. It features a low-profile round cast iron base that provides plenty of weight to keep the stand firmly in place. And to accommodate every singer out there, this stand can be adjusted from 34.25″ to 62″. When you find the perfect height, use the sturdy clutch to ensure that the stand won’t move unless you want it to.

The K&M Microphone Stand (Black) has an extra heavy metal cast-iron base that features anti-vibration material to absorb vibration and shock. We like the stand’s anti-vibration rubber insert that helps to filter unwanted ground noise. This stand is perfect for live sound applications as well as studio work. If you want to use a stand that’s very stable, looks great, and won’t break the bank, give the K&M a try.

  • Item Name: Mic Stand