Jands 4PAKc, 4Ch Dimmer/Controller


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The Jands 4PAKc integrates a four-channel chaser control desk, dimmer and interconnecting cables into a single, easy-to-use economical unit. An in-built microphone enables the chaser to be triggered from ambient audio with no external connections. The 4PAKc is suitable for use in a variety of situations including stage lighting for schools, bands, and theatre groups, effects switching for mobile applications, and the control of shop window or trade show displays.

The 4PAKc is rated for a total load of 2300 watts. The load may be connected to any single channel or spread in any combination across some or all channels. The dimmer/controller shall have a fader per channel to control the output level of that channel. A master fader shall control the output of all 4 channels together. The dimmer/controller shall have a Flash button for each channel to instantaneously flash that channel to full output. The dimmer/controller shall use LEDs in the channel Flash buttons to mimic the channel output level. The dimmer/controller shall have an inbuilt chaser for sequentially turning each channel on and off, with the rate controlled by a Chaser fader.

The dimmer/ controller shall have an inbuilt microphone such that when enabled, the chaser will be triggered by any ambient low-frequency audio peaks. The dimmer/controller shall feature toroidal RFinterference suppression chokes in each output channel, with a minimum rise time of 85 µs. The dimmer/controller incorporates design techniques and interference suppression to comply with Australian directives on electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). The dimmer/controller shall be factory tested to ensure the product meets stringent test criteria. The dimmer/controller shall be the JANDS 4PAKc.


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