JAG IM5A Headset (Large)


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JAG IM5A Headset (Large)

The IM5A is aimed at cost-conscious users that – at the same time – demand a high level of robustness. The 5mm capsule delivers a warm and natural sound that captures even the quietest of voices. With a maximum SPL of 135db, the IM5A can also handle those moments when you get that booming performer or voices that are yet to learn control. With a lovely EQ responsiveness, sound engineers can be confident in mixing with this fine instrument.

Just Audio Gear, abbreviated as JAG, is an Australian microphone designer and producer. They focus entirely on one product group, headset microphones so that they can guarantee optimal quality. The IM5A headset microphone is aimed at the semi-professional market. With the IM5A, JAG meets the requirements of amateurs and semi-professional users. The 5mm haircut delivers a warm and natural sound that records even the softest voices. With a maximum SPL of 135dB, the IM5A can also handle the overwhelming performance of voices that have yet to learn to master.

At the same time, the IM5A responds superbly to EQ’ing and technicians can confidently place this microphone into the mix. JAG headsets now have a large number of enthusiastic users in Australia and England. Thanks to their reliability, robustness, modest design, and service friendliness, they enjoy popularity with rental and production companies.


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