HES HOG4 USB Super Widget



The USB DMX Super Widget provides four universes of DMX-512 output from any Hog 4 console or Hog 4 PC. Up to two DMX Super Widgets may be connected at once via a USB Hub to provide eight full universes of DMX-512 to the Hog 4, Full Boar 4, and Hog 4 PC. Only one USB DMX Super Widget can be connected to the Road Hog 4. With Hog 4 PC, attaching USB DMX Super Widgets also unlocks the corresponding universes of Art-Net and sACN.

The High-End Systems USB DMX Super Widget can be used in conjunction with Hog 3PC software, and up to 2, DMX Super Widgets may be connected at once via a USB hub to provide 8 full universes of DMX 512. This configuration provides an excellent solution for backup and playback-only applications.

Hog 4 embraces the latest technology while retaining the familiar control surface of previous generations. Programmers will power through cueing sessions using multitouch monitors, high-resolution encoders, jog shuttle wheel, LCD keys, and motorized faders. Conveniences such as integrated storage drawers and keyboards, dual-color surface work lights, and reading lights Make Hog 4 the programmer’s choice!


  • Item Name: Widget