Global Flat Truss F42P 3.0m 350mm C-C




Stocks a huge range of Brown’s Welding 350mm Tri Truss – an absolute workhorse in the industry.  Brown’s truss is easy to build, with no pesky couplers with pins that need hammering in.  With a huge range of corners available, you’ll be able to create a truss structure of almost any shape & size imaginably.

Global Flat Truss Joined with tapered egg and pin system guaranteeing tight and full-strength joins. The TRI-3.0m is a 3.0m length of professional 350mm aluminum tri-truss. Most commonly used for creating beams and totems for moving heads, LED video displays, lasers, and more. Includes 1 connection kit for connecting additional pieces.
  • Item Name: Flat Truss
  • Material: Metal
  • Dimension: 3.0m