ETC Source 4 Junior 26° Fixed beam 575w


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The 26° Source Four Junior 575W Black Ellipsoidal Spotlight with a 3-prong Edison plug combines the energy-saving power of the patented HPL lamp, with a dichroic reflector and optical-quality lenses. Source Four technology provides a clean white beam for unequaled imaging, crisp pattern projection, and a bright, even field.

The Source Four Jr is perfect for – but never limited to – smaller theatre venues, churches, schools, industrials, and any other application where affordability, space-savings, and high performance are the criteria. When fitted with a 575W HPL bulb (available separately), this fixture will provide a beam of 102 footcandles 13.8′ (4.2 m) in diameter, from a distance of 30′ (9 m). It will throw 45 footcandles 20.7′ (9.4 m) in diameter, from a distance of 45′ (13.6 m).

This model includes a 3 prong Edison Power Plug. Other models are available, with Pigtail, Stage Pin, and Twist-Lock connectors. The Source Four Junior is also available with a 36, or a 50° lens tube. Thermally insulated rear handle, knobs and shutter handle, and heat-sink lamp socket make handling and aiming easier; gels, patterns, and shutters last longer, and your performance space stays cooler.

  • Item Name: Spotlight
  • The steel yoke has 2 mounting position choices
  • The fixture has 2 accessory slots and a top-mounted gel frame retainer.
  • Other focusing tubes are available.
  • An optional iris is available.

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