D&B Q Series Touring Fly Frame


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The Q1 cabinet is fitted with rigging attachments. Sockets in the front grill and rear edge bar accept Locking pins 8 mm, a quick lock adapter plate, and sockets that accept the Flying pin 10 mm. Flown and ground-stacked Q1 arrays are assembled using the Q Rigging set, containing two Q Splay and two Q Front links as well as four Locking pins 8 mm, which is supplied with each Q1 loudspeaker. The Q Flying adapter attaches to the quick-lock adapter plate located on one side of the cabinet.

It is designed to support a maximum of three Q-Series loudspeakers. Five sockets that accept the Flying pin 10 mm may be used to suspend single cabinets or to secure the aiming of an array. The Q Flying frame is designed to support a maximum of twenty Q1 loudspeakers. The hole on the top of the Flying frame that is selected as the suspension point defines the total vertical array angle of the column. The Q Load adapter is attached to the top of the Q Flying frame and increases the vertical aiming of a column of Q-Series loudspeakers by 1/2 or 1/4 detents.

The Q Load adapter comes with a 2 t Shackle to accept the Q Hoist connector chain or can be directly combined with the Rota clamp. The Q Hoist connector chain can be attached directly to the Q Flying frame for flown arrays of up to twenty cabinets. It also prevents the chain bag from interfering with the exact timing of an array by inserting a space between the suspension point and the lifting motor. The Rota clamp is used to suspend an array from a single overhead bar or truss and allows rotation to aim it correctly and then be locked off. It can be used with either the Q Flying adapter or the Q Flying frame. The Rota clamp allows being suspended from overhead bars or truss with a tube diameter up to 51 mm (2”).


  • Item name: Fly Frame
  • Material: Metal