Concept Smoke ViCount 5000 CO2 Based Hazer c/w CO2


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The smoke produced by the ViCount can persist to 180 – 200°C before layering commences, making the unit ideal for hot fire training applications. However, even if training or smoke logging in unheated conditions, the smoke produced by the ViCount will out-perform all conventional water-based alternatives, whilst dramatically reducing the consumption of smoke chemicals. Typically, users of water-based glycol smoke systems can experience reductions of 80 – 90% in smoke chemical consumption, for similar if not better smoke densities.

With no routine maintenance required on the ViCount, and a choice of heat exchanger capacities to suit fire training needs, it’s no wonder fire training centers throughout the world have selected it as their primary smoke system. Particle size is a consistent 0.2 – 0.3 microns in diameter, making the unit ideally suited to testing HEPA filtration.

The discount is also ideally suited to leak and air flow testing for large applications. Its incredibly efficient fluid use (down to around 10% of that of water-based machines) and zero maintenance make it ideal for fixed installations in fire training centers as well as theme parks and attractions. Oil-based smoke is very persistent compared to water-based types and therefore doesn’t evaporate or layer even when filling large areas. And as it uses less fluid, the smoke produced is even safer.


  • Item Name: CO2 Based Hazer

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230v, 50hz


17 Kg