Chauvet DJ Hurricane 1600W Smoke Machine


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Chauvet DJ Hurricane 1600W Smoke Machine

The Hurricane 1600 is compact and lightweight, yet it outputs a high amount of fog. A manual fog button provides easy control at your fingertips and the LED-illuminated tank enhances operation and safety. The Hurricane 1600 Fog Machine from Chauvet produces a powerful fog effect that adds brilliance and character to any light show.

The Hurricane uses residue-free, water-based fluid to output 25,000 cfm of fog from its LED-illuminated 0.63 gal tank, which heats in just 4 minutes. An advanced fluid sensor shuts down the unit when the fluid is exhausted. The Hurricane has variable output control to adjust fog density, and it can be operated via a 15′ wired control or remotely via DMX.

Long-lasting body design with austenite welding and anti-corrosive primer. Enhanced duct material, lighter than similar models, portable and durable. Integrated into a flight case (with castors), applicable for touring. Drain holes design for both water tank and fluid tank, free from leakage.


  • Anti-loose power plug.
  • Clear fluid level display
  • Advanced No-Fluid protection.
  • Built-in LCD control, 3pin and 5pin DMX control.
  • Low fluid consumption, 3.5L fluid reservoir-6 hours on full output;

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 34.8 × 31.2 × 25.3 cm