Autopole Upright 2.4m – 4.0m 2 Stage




This is a single¬†Autopole.¬†This single-action locking cam Autopole mounts between the floor and ceiling of a studio. If the studio ceiling is higher than 12.2′ (3.7 m), Autopole bases or Autopole extensions may be ordered separately. Autopoles support backgrounds, lights, and grip arms with the addition of Super Clamps, Hooks, and crossbars.

It offers a truly unique item in their Autopole. Designed to go from floor to ceiling for a secure support without legs. A sturdy locking system utilizes a cantilever single action locking system that exerts pressure to securely wedge the rubber suction cup ends in place. The cantilever system incorporates a safety lock and quickly and securely locks the pole in seconds. Create background supports, a lighting grid, or hundreds of other studio applications.


  • Item Name: Autopole
  • Dimension: 2.5m – 6.0m