Autopole Crossbar 1.2m – 2.0m




The Crossbar is the ideal solution for upgrading your Autopole/Pole System. It is also optimally suitable as connection bar or additional bar in connection with other auto poles or lamp tripods and should thus not miss in your studio. You can simply attach the Crossbar through two double clamps to your system and then mount flash devices, backgrounds, or similar. Especially suitable is the stepless extension up to 320cm.

This set is an ideal set-up for functional background support and a grip system. The Autopoles can be placed between any wall or ceiling to create a secure support stand, ideal for photographers unable to keep their support systems constantly set up. The Double Convi Clamps are used to hold the Crossbar securely in place on the Autopoles, preventing any unwanted movement or collapses during use. The Autopole set is a heavy-duty and durable solution for functional background support and grip system. The black finished metal construction provides extra support and protection during use and is suitable for extended periods of time. Each Autopole allows for a wide range of adjustments between height and length, making it suitable for different-sized backgrounds and backdrops. This is the ideal stand for backgrounds and when using in conjunction with a professional background, helps to make a professional style and great addition to all fields of photography and videography.

They have been designed for multiple styles of use, as they are able to be used vertically from floor to ceiling and horizontally from wall to wall, allowing for unlimited possibilities and styles. Each Autopole features a unique lever locking mechanism, designed to exert tension and pressure in order to make sure that they stay in place during use and prevent them from moving or potentially collapsing. At each end of the Autopole, there is a solid rubber suction cup in place to provide a non-slip grip to your ceiling, wall, or floor. This makes these suitable for use in a wide range of environments such as studio or simply used in-home.

Constructed with a high-quality and tough metal design, the Autopoles offer strong support for your backgrounds and backdrops, capable of holding a maximum weight of up to 15KG. This makes these the ideal support system for every photographer’s set-up due to the wide range of uses available. The Cross Bar for background/backdrop is the perfect solution for small studios or any locations with limited spaces thanks to its flexible extension design. The crossbar also features convenient connections if you should require more height out of your current background support system. It is very easy to assemble and store when not in use, making it very helpful in a busy studio environment.


  • Item Name: Crossbar
  • Dimension: 1.2m – 2.0m
  • Maximum weight of up to 15KG

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