Audio Technica U857Q Lectern Microphone



The Audio-Technica U857Q is a flexible gooseneck microphone designed for outstanding performance in schools, houses of worship, boardrooms, government facilities, etc. The microphone capsule features a cardioid polar pattern for superb rejection of off-axis noise and ambience. Ideal for conference centers, boardrooms, courtrooms, houses of worship, and other installed applications, the U857Q is designed to plug directly into a panel- or desk-mounted XLRF-type connector.

The wide linear frequency response delivers smooth, accurate reproduction of speech without noise, artifacts, or colorization. The ultra-flexible gooseneck enables positioning while resisting inadvertent repositioning. Optional interchangeable capsules provide cardioid, hypercardioid, omnidirectional, and UniLine cardioid polar patterns for added flexibility.


  • Item Name: Microphone

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