Able Prime 3w RGB Laser (with FB4)


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The PRIME RGB 3000 is a very versatile 3 Watt full-color laser projector. Its small size and embedded TCP/IP-based laser controller give you immense flexibility for your applications. The Series FB4 is a professional laser system, ideal for lighting designers, DJs, nightclubs, and event professionals, operating in small to medium size indoor events. It’s is a full-color RGB-based system with analog modulation, allowing you to produce a huge array of laser effects and color combinations.

The laser has FB4 MAX Media Server integrated inside, offering full control via a network, DMX, ArtNET, and SMPTE timecode. It has support for all major lighting and DMX consoles as well. The laser can be controlled from a PC over a network (CAT5 cable). Or it can be controlled directly from a console, using DMX or ArtNET. In addition, you can operate the laser in “auto-mode” using the built-in memory system and real-time clock, featured on the FB4 which is integrated into the laser.


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